A Guide to Nude Wedge Shoes at Any Age

Women’s Wedge Shoes with wedge heels are fabulous shoes for any season. Find a pair that are not only comfortable but also flatter your feet.

If you choose Nude Wedge Shoes with only a front upper strap make sure they’ll be easy to walk in. A supporting back strap can be a boon if you’re going to be walking any distance. It will hold the shoes in place so you’ll have a firm grip no matter what the heel height is!

Nude Wedge Shoes.jpg

Round toed shoes with wedge heels are an excellent combination for both style eland comforts.  Rounded toes are extremely comfy and will give you more toe space than shoes with pointed toes and the wedge shape support the whole length of your foot.  Find a shoe with a contoured shoe bed for extra support.

Women’s Wedge Shoes with round toes aren’t always the easiest to find, but round toed shoes with a wedge heel are abundant and are fabulous footwear for a hot summer’s day. Opt for this style if you need to wear slightly wider shoes than normal. If you have a look at the online Women’s Wedge Shoes shops and search for wedge heeled Women’s Wedge Shoes you’ll find a good assortment to choose from.

For day wear Sketchers’ offer an excellent pair of Women’s Wedge Shoes in a wedge looks style.  They have a carved wedge bottom and a patterned canvas foot strap.  These are stunning when teamed with a long or mid length flowing skirt or wide trousers.

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Wearing the wrong shaped shoe or squeezing your feet into a pair of shoes that are too narrow will eventually result in bunions and feet you won’t be too proud to show off! We all want to look our best and wearing the correct size footwear is the place to start.  If you don’t own a pair of wedge shoes now’s a good time to start!

Heel heights vary and a heel height of 9 centimeters is not unusual. Add a pair of sassy canvas wedges to your black fitted skirt and you’ll have a feminine office outfit. Black Wedges Shoes make excellent summer shoes and try a pair of funky canvas heels teamed with a long maxi skirt for a 70’s hip-chick look.